About the Show

A collection of stand-alone fantasy audio stories about Helena, a woman who exorcises people of demons by drawing the demons out of their bodies into hers. She stumbled into this line of work by a botched exorcism she endured as a child which permanently marked her with a tattoo that forces demons to take her instead of other victims. To survive, she learned how to defeat demons in their inner world, their second consciousness, with magic powers that only exist there. However, she is powerless to control her own body in the outer world while possessed.She is often helped by Martzia, a charismatic licensed exorcist who finds clients, handles the money, and comforts victims, and Bridgette, a former soldier and demon slayer, who protects Helana from herself and makes sure she doesn’t hurt anyone else. Occasionally, Simon, a healer mage given his powers by a mysterious god, also helps out.Content Warnings: description of blood, gore, and violence; discussions of suicide, murder, self-harm, depression, PTSD, trauma, and death.Listen to the trailer:


Rivals and Royals

Helena makes a deal with a couple of doubting demon slayers that she can defeat a demon quicker than they can. The winner is given the honor of exorcising a local princess.Cast
Helena | Rin Araneta
Bridgette | Liz Morey
Martzia | Dominique Star
Lox/Gore Demon | Cooper Mortlock
Arnold/Weak Demon| Delvin Green
Oswald | Max Marshall
Priest | Nate Barham
Healer | Tal Minear
Princess/Whispers Demon | Gina Moravec
King | Brian Barnshaw
Guard | Wyatt West

Simon, Helena and the Lace Demon

Helena runs into Simon after getting separated from Martzia and Bridgette. After he heals her, she is possessed by a demon that can speak to the outside world as well as Helena in the inner world. Simon goes to check on the demon’s previous victims before trying to help Helena find Martzia and Bridgette before the demon can use his past to corrupt him.Cast
Helena | Rin Araneta
Simon | Brandon P Jenkins
Lace Demon | Aurie Diaz
Jaques | Atelier Bec
Eileen | Jodi Hansen
Alcerathein | Joshua Rae Miller T. Padua
Farrier | Clint Massey
Farmer 1 | Faye Holliday
Farmer 2 | Nate Lynn
Villager | Mira Chandrasuri
Demon Slayer 1 | Wyatt West
Demon Slayer 2 | Alex Bui
Bridgette | Liz Morey
Martzia | Dominique Star

The Exorcist School

Martzia is valedictorian in her last year of Exorcist School when a professor brings in a curious girl that has been possessed numerous times, Helena. After talking with her, Martzia is amazed by her ability to killing demons without hurting the victims. Even though it may prevent her from graduation and earning her license, Martzia hires Helena to help the child she is assigned to exorcise for her final project.Cast
Helena | Rin Araneta
Martzia | Dominique Star
Aptum | Ray O'Hare
Student 1 | Maria Campos
Student 2 | Vincent Holmes
Student 3 | Alex Bui
Hana | Jordan Kalina
Kenneth | Skot Rieffer
Student 3 | Alex Bui
Villager 1 | Wyatt West
Villager 2 | Christine Mendiola

Demon at Home

In the middle of a bustling town, Helena becomes possessed which outs the man, Pietro, who was trying to keep it secret that his wife was possessed. While Helena fights the demon locked the room in Pietro’s house where his wife was kept, Pietro tries to support his emotionally traumatized wife even though he can’t separate her from the demon that still haunts his house and his dreams.
Additional content warnings: This story contains xenophobia, domestic violence, and a near suicide attempt.
Narrator | Gabriella Ciurcovich
Pietro | Zack Young
Bridgette | Liz Morey
Martzia | Dominique Star
Simon | Brandon P Jenkins
Helena | Rin Araneta
Julianna | Maddi Albregts
Citizen 1 | Cody S
Citizen 2 | Christina Bui

The Rising

Helena runs into W, an old friend who vouches for her in a town who finds her after she was possessed. W invites her to stay with them while she waits for Bridgette and Martzia to catch up, and Helena reminisces about when they met as children. Trapped in a Rising, a rare occurrence where hundred of demons are free to possess at will in a region, Helena recruits W to help her escape while constantly being possessed in exchange for rescuing W’s mother.
Additional content warnings: This story contains transphobia and excessive gore.
Helena | Rin Araneta
W | Ray Poirier
Rodion | Robert Eccles
Mother | Sera Lee
Villager | Christopher Colón
Toe Demon | Christine Mendiola
Lyla | Susannah Snowden-Ifft
Demon Slayer | Callum Sanders
Victim | Christopher Colón
Villager | Tyler Asaoka


Written and Created by Christine Mendiola https://christinemendiola.com/
Sound Design by Ian Geldart https://www.audiansound.com/
Script Edited by Di Reese
Cover Art by Phoemela delos Santos
Original Music by Jessi Brown
Transcripts created by Meredith LuChen and Ray Poirier
Opening Narration by Gabriella Ciurcovich
Contact: [email protected]